Implementing a Contact Form for Koken

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Koken contains (so far) no standard function for a contact form. However, it is not very difficult to implement an own form. For this purpose you will need at least a special lens template and a small PHP script that will be used to to deliver the mail. To give the user more feedback about the successful delivery of the message, I have added some use JavaScript using Ajax to communicate with the PHP backend.

The following tutorial explains in detail the necessary steps for the implementation of the contact form. It is based on a tutorial from

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Insert Images into Essays and Posts

If you insert an image into an essay or a post with the “insert media” function  the image will always be shown at full width. In order to get a floating image with a smaller size you would have to add it manually in the HTML editor. To make this easier I have created this shortcode plugin. It allows you to select and insert an image and configure how it should be displayed.


To install the plugin download the attached zip file, unpack it and upload it to the storage/plugins directory of your Koken installation.

It should be visible in the Koken backend under Settings/Plugins:Installed Plugin

If the plugin does not appear here please check that you have uploaded it correctly. You may also have to clean the system cache under Settings/System. If you have updated the plugin from a former version sometimes it is necessary to disable and enable the plugin in order to load the correct version.

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Generate Meta Tags for Verification IDs

After a new website has been added to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing or Alexa these services wants to verify that you are really the owner of the added site. Therefore a special ID will be generated. This ID must either be uploaded to the server as a HTML page or a special meta tag must be added to the HTML pages.

Because I prefer the use of meta tags I hae written a small plugin for Koken that generates the necessary tags. This plugin can be downloaded from here and installed in Koken. The installation of plugins is documented on the Koken Website.

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XMAP K2 Extension [Update]

I have switched some time ago, my own sites from Joomla to WordPress and therefore I am no longer using this extension. Since I no longer have enough time to track the further development of Joomla and K2, I have decided that I will no longer maintain this extension. If someone else will take over the maintenance I would add a redirection to his site. The download of the latest version will be available until further notice. However, there will be no new versions.

Update June 3rd 2013: Nick Michel from told that they would like to maintain and update the plugin in the future. They need it for their own website will make it available for download A version for Joomla! version 3 is currently in test.

New version of my XMAP extension for K2. There is one version for Joomla 1.7 and higher (with XMAP 2.0 and K2.5) and one version for Joomla 1.5 (with XMAP 1.2 and K2 2.4). To install this extension use the extension manager of XMAP. Read more …

Remove backup files from Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1

For the first variant you will have to open the Properties dialog of the system drive (normally drive C). There you will press the button Cleanup. It will now take some seconds until the system has checked what kind of files can be safely removed and how many place would be recovered. Then a dialog will appear with a selection list of the different file types. Here you may have to scroll down to see the “Service Pack Backup Files”. Select them and press the OK button to start the removal process. Read more …