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Implementing a Contact Form for Koken

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Koken contains (so far) no standard function for a contact form. However, it is not very difficult to implement an own form. For this purpose you will need at least a special lens template and a small PHP script that will be used to to deliver the mail. To give the user more feedback about the successful delivery of the message, I have added some use JavaScript using Ajax to communicate with the PHP backend.

The following tutorial explains in detail the necessary steps for the implementation of the contact form. It is based on a tutorial from

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Remove backup files from Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1

For the first variant you will have to open the Properties dialog of the system drive (normally drive C). There you will press the button Cleanup. It will now take some seconds until the system has checked what kind of files can be safely removed and how many place would be recovered. Then a dialog will appear with a selection list of the different file types. Here you may have to scroll down to see the “Service Pack Backup Files”. Select them and press the OK button to start the removal process. Read more …