Module: K2 Downloads

I have switched some time ago, my own sites from Joomla to WordPress and therefore I am no longer using this module. Since I no longer have enough time to track the further development of Joomla and K2, I have decided that I will no longer maintain this extension. If someone else will take over the maintenance I would add a redirection to his site. The download of the latest version will be available until further notice. However, there will be no new versions.

Since some days I use K2 also to manage my published downloads. Unfortunately K2 does not offer a view where you can see how often an attachment has been downloaded. You always have to open the respective K2 item to get this information.

Therefore I wrote this module for the Joomla! Backend that will show in the control center the number of downloads of each attachment.

The installation of this module is done via the Joomla! installer. To add it to the backend use menu item Extensions/Module Manager and switch to the “Administrator” area. Then activate the module “K2 Downloads”. The recommended position is “cpanel”.

It is also possible to configure the columns visible in the table shown by this module. The table has got three columns:

  • Filename: name of the attached file
  • # Downloads: number of downloads
  • K2 Item: title of the K2 item where the file is attached

In the module configuration you can define the order of the columns and also how the rows should be sorted.

Version: 0.5 (2011-07-31)
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