XMAP K2 Extension [Update]

I have switched some time ago, my own sites from Joomla to WordPress and therefore I am no longer using this extension. Since I no longer have enough time to track the further development of Joomla and K2, I have decided that I will no longer maintain this extension. If someone else will take over the maintenance I would add a redirection to his site. The download of the latest version will be available until further notice. However, there will be no new versions.

Update June 3rd 2013: Nick Michel from CoolTechAnswer.com told that they would like to maintain and update the plugin in the future. They need it for their own website will make it available for download http://www.cooltechanswer.com. A version for Joomla! version 3 is currently in test.

New version of my XMAP extension for K2. There is one version for Joomla 1.7 and higher (with XMAP 2.0 and K2.5) and one version for Joomla 1.5 (with XMAP 1.2 and K2 2.4). To install this extension use the extension manager of XMAP. Read more …