XMAP K2 Extension [Update]

I have switched some time ago, my own sites from Joomla to WordPress and therefore I am no longer using this extension. Since I no longer have enough time to track the further development of Joomla and K2, I have decided that I will no longer maintain this extension. If someone else will take over the maintenance I would add a redirection to his site. The download of the latest version will be available until further notice. However, there will be no new versions.

Update June 3rd 2013: Nick Michel from CoolTechAnswer.com told that they would like to maintain and update the plugin in the future. They need it for their own website will make it available for download CoolTechAnswer. A version for Joomla! version 3 is currently in test.

New version of my XMAP extension for K2. There is one version for Joomla 1.7 and higher (with XMAP 2.0 and K2.5) and one version for Joomla 1.5 (with XMAP 1.2 and K2 2.4). To install this extension use the extension manager of XMAP.

There are three configurable options for this extension:

  • _Follow Subcategorie_s: specify whether the sitemap should contain the contents of subcategories or not. This option has been introduced to avoid duplicate entries if a menu item is configured to show subitems and at the same time subordinate menu items directly point to these K2 items.
  • Suppress Duplicates: if option “Follow Subcategories” is enabled then the sitemap may contain duplicate entries under different menu items. By setting this option to “yes” duplicate categories and items will suppressed in the sitemap.
  • Show K2 Items: Select whether K2 items should be added to both site map types, only to XML site maps, only to HTML sitemaps or never.

K2 stores title alias names of items and categories exactly as they were entered. This id different from the behaviour of Joomla’s articles where vowels, special characters etc. are translated to ASCII values less than 128. Articles or categories with alias names containing characters with ASCII values greater than 127 will not appear in the sitemap. Therefore you should only use characters with an ASCII value < 128.

If you find any problems or have a request for enhancements please leave me a message via the feedback form.

Version 1.0 and above of this extension supports Joomla! 1.7 or higher, XMAP 2.0 and K2 Version 2.5. If you are using Joomla! 1.5 please stay with version 0.96.



Version with french translation uploaded (the translation and adaption of the plugin was done by Mihàly Marti)


The URLs in the sitemap are more SEF-friendly (only for Joomla! 1.7 and higher).
Thanks to “selan90” for his tip. 

Bugfix: The option “Follow Subcategories” did not work as expected. After the installation of the plugin update please check whether the sitemap contains the expected items. If not modify this setting.
2011/11/031.06Bugfix: PHP error if list of list of categories or users is empty
2011/11/021.05Bugfix: menu items configured for multiple K2 categories did not work
2011/09/271.01Bugfix: XML sitemap did not contain K2 items
2011/09/221.00New version vor Joomla 1.7, XMAP 2.0 and K2 2.5
2011/08/130.95Bugfix: problems with empty categories and sql errors in some cases
2011/01/130.94Bugfix: avoid PHP warning
2010/11/280.93Added support for news sitemaps
2010/10/130.92Bugfix: PHP error with K2 type “Latest items from (one or more) users or categories”
2010/08/210.91Bugfix: wrong SQL statement corrected
2010/08/140.90The sitemap now takes the user group of the current user into account, i.e. guest will only see items with access level “Public”. The XML sitemap will only contain public items. Reported by walplanet.com.
2010/05/240.86Bugfix: expired K2 items will no longer be shown in the site map
2010/04/110.85New option “Suppress Duplicates” introduced.
If used together with component SEF Service Map 2 instead of XMAP the correct date format will be used.
2010/02/190.81Small bugfix: “Last modify date” not set for all items
2010/02/070.80Support of the new features of K2 2.2
2010/01/300.67Small bugfix to avoid PHP warnings if a SQL query fails under K2 2.2.
2009/10/070.66Small bugfix to avoid PHP message “PHP Notice: Undefined variable tree”.
2009/09/280.65The XML site map now contains the date of the last modification instead of the current date.
2009/08/210.60New option “Show K2 Items” added to configuration.
2009/08/210.51Suppress deleted categories and items

Version: 0.96 (2011/11/14)
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